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Vincent Koch is a South African Rugby Player – Position Prop.  This is what Vincent had to say about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Recovery is not just about healing the body, it’s about mending the spirit and regaining the strength to conquer new challenges.

After my recent surgery, I had the privilege of experiencing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The service I received surpassed all my expectations at Ultimate Body Recovery in Paarl Western Cape.

The dedicated team at Ultimate Body Recovery provided me with a comprehensive and personalized recovery plan that not only focused on physical rehabilitation but also took into account my mental and emotional well-being.

These treatments assisted greatly with getting back on my feet and I am now ready to take on the rugby field, and the world, once again.

I wholeheartedly recommend their services, and the incredible benefits of oxygen therapy, to anyone in need of a top-notch recovery treatment.

Liam Koen Junior Springbok and U21 Blue Bulls Rugby Player

“Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been a game-changer in my recovery journey. As a young athlete, facing a knee injury was daunting, but with the support of my team and the addition of HBOT to my rehab regimen, I’ve seen remarkable progress. It’s helped me regain strength, reduce inflammation, and get back on the field faster than I ever imagined. Grateful for the technology at UBR and the experts who’ve guided me through this process.”

Nichole Taljaard is a South African netball player who plays for South Africa in the positions of goal attack and goal shooter.

“My physical health is very important to me and my netball. For me to be able to perform optimally I need to recover optimally.

I have been a part of the UBR family for more than 6 years. Hyperbaric is one of the biggest reasons that I am able to stay on court and train all year long. It has helped not only with my day to day recovery but has played a huge role in return to play after some big injuries nearly halving my recovery time. With this I was able to return to play much quicker and not miss out on any tournaments.”

At the start of my hair transplant journey, I knew I wanted to find the best possible options to not only reduce recovery time but to obtain the best results possible- that’s where Ultimate Body Recovery came in!
I did my investigating and found some interesting research on HBOT and how it has reduced inflammation, itchiness during healing, and helped retain more of the initial implant. After 10 sessions, I found this to be true and I am now on my way to the best results!
A huge thank you to the UBR team for their professionalism, care and for answering all my questions – I was truly in good hands! I loved my experience in the chamber and would certainly recommend HBOT to anyone recovering from surgery or an injury. HBOT certainly works!


I attended Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy for skin treatment and post-op recovery from nose surgery it certainly was a game-changer for me. Despite severe claustrophobia, the guidance I received throughout the process made it a breeze. I haven’t felt this good in ages – my energy levels have soared, and my skin and overall well-being have seen remarkable improvements. Grateful for the transformative experience! Thank you to the team at Ultimate Body Recovery for riding this journey with me.


Happy patient after a patella fracture! Very important to ask the right questions before considering Hyperbaric oxygen therapy!
Kiara’s mom first questions…why UBR Oxygen Paarl! 

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